Medical camps reach people with disabilities

Living with a disability is especially difficult for people in Nepal’s remote communities. INF Nepal’s new Community Medical Outreach project is improving the access to proper diagnosis, treatment, and referrals for hospital services such as surgery and rehabilitation.

That’s why we are asking for your support for this vital project through this year’s Christmas Appeal. You could help fund medical camps reaching people in rural western Nepal who cannot access the healthcare they need, and provide treatment in their communities or referrals to INF’s Green Pastures Hospital.

Dinesh, aged 18 (pictured with his father), has had cerebral palsy since early childhood. Thanks to INF’s disability screening camp in his home district of Parbat, he is being referred to Green Pastures Hospital for physiotherapy and a specially adapted wheelchair.

“We have difficulty in feeding Dinesh,” said his father, who used a loan to buy a motorised rickshaw and earn some money. “We cannot leave him alone at home as he is unable to go to the toilet or do other activities, so his mother stays with him all the time.”

The wheelchair will allow Dinesh to have a proper sitting position and become more mobile with the help of his family, who will be trained in using it by INF staff.

Watch this video to learn more about the impact already being made in people’s lives:

Over three years, this project will span an area covering 10 rural municipalities across three provinces, helping almost 9,000 of the most disadvantaged Nepalis.


Please help INF’s medical camps reach more people like Dinesh

£25 could provide two days of rehab therapy after orthopaedic surgery.

£60 could help towards assistive devices for people with disabilities.

£125 could cover the cost of surgery for somebody with leprosy.