Job Vacancies – work with INF

There are no current vacancies being advertised by INF UK

Our vision

Life in all its fullness for Nepal’s poor and disadvantaged people and communities.

Our Mission

Supporting local Nepali communities and healthcare services, to improve health, reduce poverty and promote social inclusion.

Our Values

  • Love and compassion.
  • Inclusion and dignity.
  • Professional excellence.

Our Ethos

INF draws its ethos and values from its Christian history and heritage.

We show active compassion for some of the world’s poorest, and encourage individuals and communities to access and enjoy their rights. We believe all people are equal, and so inclusion and dignity are very important to us, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, disability, economic status or caste.

We are motivated by our Christian faith; we describe this as being committed to following Jesus Christ in ways that are relevant to the needs of today’s world.