Legacies & In Memory Gifts

One day you could be the answer to someone’s prayer

At INF, we are not just helping Nepali people to break free from poverty or overcome illness and disease. At the heart of INF’s work is always the desire to see people fully restored – in their self-worth and in their relationships with their family and community.

One special way you could be part of transforming people's lives is by leaving a gift in your will.

Legacy gifts received by INF/UK help towards our vision of the most disadvantaged people in Nepal experiencing fullness of life.

This is done by working with our Nepali partners to create more opportunities to break free from poverty and suffering. In the past, legacies have provided financial support for new INF projects and ones which would not normally be funded by other sources.

If you are planning to include a gift in your will, the key information your solicitor or will-writing service will require is our Registered Charity number: 1047178.

Your legacy could transform the lives of people like Dipesh and Pansa

Aged just 14, Dipesh suffered a spinal cord injury when a lorry hit his bike while he was standing beside a road with his father in India. He was bedridden for 15 years at his home in Rupandehi, a terai district in the plains along Nepal’s southern border with India, and people in his community used to be fearful seeing his physical condition.

As experienced by many in Nepal, living with a disability can quickly put you on the margins of society. A committed Christian, Dipesh did not lose hope and he dreamed of being able to sit and share his faith with others.

“When I came to Green Pastures Hospital, my only expectation was to be able to sit again and share the gospel but I was unsure if my wish would ever be fulfilled. When I was admitted to Green Pastures I got all the support, love, care and encouragement from doctors, nurses and all the staff. I am thankful to the medical team of GPH who helped me with getting my wheelchair, providing my therapies, and doing surgeries to help my legs bend.

“I am happy and thankful to INF and all the staff for making a miracle in my life. I am very happy now that I am able to do all my chores and daily activities. With the help of my family members I am also able to sit in a wheelchair and go from one place to another to share the gospel.”

Pansa joined one of the 90 self-help groups created by the Inclusive Development and Livelihood (IDEAL) project. People living in remote villages received training about cultivating vegetables, and how they can generate income by growing and selling higher value crops such as onions, tomatoes, ginger, turmeric, and garlic.

Following their training, self-help group members decided to plant onions in a piece of land, instead of rice and wheat. The IDEAL project supported them by providing the onion seeds and teaching them methods of planting and growing onions.

Pansa said: “I was very interested in cultivating vegetables. In the second year, I earned NPR 125,000 (nearly £800) from selling onions and tomatoes.”

She has also inspired others in her village to start vegetable farming. Her fellow self-help group members even come to her for advice about farming onions and other vegetables.

“It seems like my sorrowful days are over,” added Pansa. “I would like to thank INF Nepal from the bottom of my heart for guiding me to this day.”

What types of gift can be made?

A pecuniary legacy

This is a fixed amount of money to a specific person or organisation. Be aware that the value of the gift gradually reduces due to inflation. Because of this, you may wish to review a pecuniary legacy from time to time.

A specific legacy

This is a specific item of property owned by you, such as a piece of art or jewellery.

A residuary legacy

This is a gift of the remainder, or a percentage of the remainder, of your estate, once the pecuniary and specific gifts have been paid. Gifts of this type e.g. “20% of the residue of my estate” are particularly helpful because the value tends to keep pace with inflation.

Please get in touch if you would like any suggested wording for your will.

A gift in memory

You could also make a one-off gift in memory of a loved one. There are several inspiring ways to make such a gift.

How will my gift be used?

When leaving a legacy or making a gift in memory of a loved one, it is important to consider how you would like the money to be used. We want you to be confident that any bequests or donations are used both appropriately and effectively.

You may simply want us to use the money where it is most needed, but if you have a particular idea in mind, we will always endeavour to take this into account. Please do contact us so that we can consider together the most appropriate option for you.

What do I need
to do next?

Do take a look at the options and if you would like more information, please contact Esther at 0121 472 2425 or email supportercare@inf.org.uk.

If you feel that the time is right for you to write or amend your will, we recommend that you use the services of a solicitor to make sure it is correctly written.