Woman in Nepal receives food package from ACN due to coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus in Nepal

Nepal is being devastated by a deadly second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. The nation’s fragile healthcare system has become overwhelmed.

Conference 2021

Join us for a series of free online Zoom sessions for INF/UK’s Conference 2021, to hear the latest news from Nepal, chat and pray together. Next session: Saturday 24th April.

Boy in wheelchair at INF hospital in Nepal

Stories of change

At the heart of INF’s work is treating people with love and compassion, transforming lives in Nepal with support that is tailored to their individual needs.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Lack of resources, remoteness of villages and discrimination caused by gender, caste, disease or disabilities are some of the reasons that trap people into a life of exclusion and poverty.

At INF we believe that all people deserve a fair chance to thrive, contribute and to play an equal part in their community.

We are working with local communities to improve health and reduce poverty.

Coronavirus Crisis Appeal

As a deadly second wave of the coronavirus pandemic rips through the region, Nepal’s fragile healthcare system has been overwhelmed.

Lockdowns and restrictions cause further harm to those already living in poverty.

Your support can limit the damage being done to the most disadvantaged in Nepal by this dangerous variant of Covid-19.

Please donate today so our Nepali partners can help those who need the most support through this crisis.

Climate Change in Nepal

Due to its vulnerability to extreme weather events – which have become more frequent and less predictable – Nepal is ranked in the top 10 nations most affected by climate change.

Bajura is the poorest district in Nepal and has been in drought since 2015. Over the next three years, INF Nepal’s new Climate Change Adaptation project in Bajura will help over 21,000 people continue to support their families.

If you can, please make a gift and help create sustainable livelihoods for future generations.

Serving Nepali people in greatest need

INF’s work in districts such Bajura and Kalikot reaches some of the poorest communities in Nepal. Living in these remote, mountainous landscapes people struggle to make ends meet.

Community resilience and development programmes are transforming lives in Nepal, helping people improve life in their communities and work their way out of poverty.