At INF/UK, we believe all people have a right to feel safe and valued, and to live their lives free from coercion, modern slavery, sexual violence, harassment and abuse. We recognise that there is potential for unequal power dynamics across the organisation and in relation to those we serve, and that we face an inherent risk of some front-line workers exploiting their position of power for personal gain.

The aim of our Safeguarding Policy is to ensure that INF/UK and its partners in Nepal are committed to a culture of safeguarding and have adequate safeguarding measures in place for the protection of children and adults at risk of harm or abuse.

INF/UK will only partner with organisations that have in place appropriate safeguarding policies and procedures. As part of our partner selection and due diligence checks, these policies and procedures are shared with INF/UK.

It is the responsibility of partner organisations to ensure their staff, volunteers, consultants, etc have access to and understand their organisation’s safeguarding policies and processes. It is also the responsibility of partner organisations to promote them as relevant in all aspects of their work, and to hold themselves and others to account.

Keeping everyone safe

Staff and representatives must ensure that their behaviour promotes and allows children and adults at risk to live free from:

  • Harm and Abuse (physical, sexual (including sexual harassment) and emotional (including the abuse of power / trust and coercion))
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Exploitation (physical & sexual)
  • Neglect
  • Discrimination
  • Human Trafficking


INF/UK will proactively encourage a culture where:

  • Issues and concerns about safeguarding are raised and discussed
  • A sense of accountability between staff/representatives can and must challenge potential poor or abusive behaviour
  • It is mandatory to report abusive allegations or concerns that directly relate to a child or adult at risk
  • We provide a safe environment for all people that the organisation engages with

Safe Programming

INF/UK’s health and development work in Nepal is carried out by partner organisations. We recognise there is always a possibility of inflicting unintended harm, particularly in relation to populations who are at greater risk of abuse due to factors such as age, gender, health or financial status. For this reason, we expect partner organisations to have minimum standards in place intended to minimise this risk.

Get in touch

To raise any safeguarding issues or request a full copy of our Safeguarding Policy, please contact John Reynolds (CEO and Designated Child and Adults at Risk Safeguarding Officer) and Rosie Hart (Designated Trustee for Safeguarding) by email using the button below.