About This Project

Green Pastures Hospital

Green Pastures’ mission is to transform lives by offering holistic rehabilitation services, fostering independence, and promoting overall well-being. Its vision is to be a centre of excellence in rehabilitation, recognized for a patient-centric approach, advanced medical practices, and impactful community outreach.

During 2022/23 GPH provided compassionate care and rehabilitation for thousands of patients. Here is a breakdown of the hospital-based services funded by INF/UK supporters:


Medical Charity Fund
Healthcare is not free in Nepal, so this fund exists to provide medical treatment to patients who are unable to afford the care they need.

During these 12 months, 985 people benefitted from the GPH Medical Charity Fund. Patients received support for spinal cord injuries, orthotics, cerebral palsy, leprosy and dermatology. They received services such as surgeries, assistive devices, and physio and occupational therapy sessions.


Leprosy and Rehabilitation
A total of 2,444 leprosy patients were treated at GPH, which includes 253 people admitted for inpatient services and 29 who had reconstructive surgery. Specialist medical care was provided in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.


Eileen and Betty Centre
The construction of a brand-new 30-bed leprosy inpatient ward at GPH was generously supported by INF/UK supporters. The building is named after Eileen Lodge and Betty Bailey, who were the founders of Green Pastures in the 1950s, and worked tirelessly for people suffering from leprosy.

The centre opened in March 2023, and went on to welcome 80 inpatients before the end of 2022/23.


Children with Developmental Disorders
This service has expanded from focusing on cerebral palsy to become to a Developmental Paediatrics Clinic, providing for children with various developmental disorders such as Down’s syndrome, muscular dystrophy, developmental delays, congenital deformities, and many more.

In the project year between October 2022 and September 2023, 56 children with developmental disorders benefitted from compassionate care and treatment at GPH.


Ear Centre
Thanks to support from INF/UK, GPH has purchased a vHIT device, which is regularly used by audiologists in the Ear Centre to test the inner ear for conditions that cause vertigo and dizziness. The device consists of special goggles with in-built cameras to record eye movements, which is helpful for diagnosis and in guiding treatment.


Wheels for Nepal
A one-week wheelchair distribution camp was help at GPH from 5th to 9th June 2023. 155 wheelchairs were distributed to people with disabilities, who travelled from many districts around Nepal (travel costs were covered by GPH) to receive customised and fitted wheelchairs to help with their mobility.