Yamuna grateful for leprosy care at Green Pastures

INF Nepal’s Green Pastures Hospital (GPH) in Pokhara continues to provide high-quality treatment and rehabilitation to reduce disability caused by leprosy in western Nepal.

Yamuna was diagnosed with leprosy at GPH. She said: “My body was in a lot of pain, and small blisters appeared on my ears at first. One of the sisters from my hometown recommended to visit Green Pastures Hospital for a skin test.

“I am the only breadwinner in my family of five. I was already going through a tough time, having a father but not with us, belonging to a low-income family, earning at an early age, divorced after three years of a failed marriage, and then the disease was seen in me.

“My disease got diagnosed at GPH. As the doctor explained about my disease, I felt lost and sad. I wanted to cry. I didn’t know much about leprosy before, but I knew more after coming here to GPH.

“I would say that I am happy, proud and grateful that an organization like GPH exists whose main aim is to help the poor and marginalised people. They are indeed becoming a paradise for vulnerable people. I felt lucky that for people like us, there is GPH which we can look up to.”

GPH’s leprosy programme continues to contribute to the goal of ‘zero transmission, zero discrimination and zero disability’ through early case detection, provision of inpatient services, provision of health care education and self-care technique, reconstructive surgeries, and provision of assistive devices through the hospital.

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