Aid reaches victims of storms

Update – Relief begins to reach storm hit villages

Aid reaches victims of storms

Disaster relief after storms in Nepal

Aid is now reaching hundreds of families who lost their homes in the recent tornado.The storm struck villages in the Bara and Parsa Districts of Nepal, burying hundreds of people underneath rubble of collapsing homes.

The storms flung metal roofs and vehicles across their villages and covered roads in debris. It also took down hundreds of trees and electricity poles, and damaged water supply systems and toilets. The freak storms claimed 35 lives and injured more than 650 people.

Packs of essential items about to be distributed to the community

Local people responded quickly, providing food and tents for families made homeless and the Government of Nepal promised to help people rebuild their houses. But thousands of people are now living in unsafe places. They have no spare clothes, no cooking utensils nor cooking gas to prepare food. They are plagued by mosquitoes and at risk of waterborne diseases.

Both INF’s Disaster Response team and our partners at ACN (Good Neighbours Nepal) are endeavouring to help the victims of this unprecedented storm.

Working with local government, they are distributing hygiene supplies, small gas cookers and cooking utensils. Families are also being given mattresses, blankets and mosquito nets.

You can help families affected by the tornado by donating to our Disaster Relief Fund.

A gift of £15 could provide a sanitation and hygiene kit for a family, helping them to protect themselves against waterborne diseases.

A gift of £61 could buy a family recovery pack, including clothes, mosquito nets, cooking utensils, a small gas cooker and practical hygiene and sanitation supplies.


Donate now to the Disaster Relief Fund.