Shree at Green Pastures Hospital

Transforming lives through mobility

Shree’s story

A big thank you to all supporters who donated to the appeal – you gave a total of £54,008 – we felt genuinely humbled by this amazing response.

Shree resting in his courtyard

The appeal is now closed, and the first wheelchairs have been distributed. Below you can read what a big difference your gifts can make.

In our last magazine we introduced you to Shree (72 years old). He injured his spinal cord a year ago and came to Green Pastures for rehabilitation after an operation in Kathmandu. Thanks to your donations, the hospital staff were able to provide him with a wheelchair. It truly has transformed his life. Having a wheelchair enables him to take care of himself, do easy household chores, and to look after his animals.

When our staff visited him at home, they found a much happier, smiling man. Shree’s son, who is now living with his parents, shared: “It has been easier for us to take care of baba (father). Without wheelchair it would have become difficult to move him. He does simple work upon his wish. This makes him feel worthwhile. Father is an ex-military man and has always been active throughout his life. On the day of his accident, he was unwell, but this didn’t stop him from going to work. He fell off the tree and injured his spine. After the accident, my father found it difficult to accept that he cannot walk anymore. Now that he has a wheelchair, he has become hopeful and happy.”

Thanks to your generosity, many more patients will receive their own wheelchair over the coming months.

Thank you.


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