Kiran Shrestha

Support for all with cerebral palsy

Help people with cerebral palsy reach their full potential

Our 10-day camp for people with cerebral palsy is currently taking place at INF’s Green Pastures Hospital in Pokhara. For the first time ever, thanks to support from UK donors, we’ve been able to extend the camp to help adults with cerebral palsy as well as children.

Between 9th and 18th December, 17 people with cerebral palsy will benefit from holistic, personalised support at the specialist camp. Parents of children with cerebral palsy – and now adults who live with the condition themselves – will have the opportunity to meet others who live with it and to understand more about it. Each attendee also has an individualised therapy programme tailored to their specific needs, including specialist equipment such as seats, orthotics, wheelchairs and walking aids.

Helping people with cerebral palsy live more independently

The camps are part of a three-year project that INF supporters from the UK have helped to fund. Other elements include hospital rehabilitation and home visits, with the overall aim always being to enable people with cerebral palsy to have a better quality of life and to live more independently.

Helping people with cerebral palsy

27-year-old Kaamisha is one of the participants in this final camp of the project’s lifespan. Unable to access therapeutic interventions until now, Kaamisha can only walk with external support. Our rehabilitation team have set her the goal of walking independently. Having successfully completed her Bachelor’s degree despite the additional challenges presented by her disability, Kaamisha is clearly a determined, resourceful woman. We have high hopes that she’ll soon be walking by herself thanks to the practical and emotional support provided at the camp.

From project to mainstream service

As the project nears its end, we’re delighted to announce our plans to ensure a future-proof, sustainable service to support children with cerebral palsy across western Nepal. As the only health facility for children with developmental disorders in this part of the country, it’s crucial that we can integrate this programme of support into mainstream hospital services. So we plan to recruit a multi-disciplinary team at Green Pastures Hospital. It’s part of our mission to reach more people and have a wider impact; our vision is that in future, no-one will miss out on the support they need during childhood.


If you’d like to help us build this team and make our vision a reality, please donate.


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