Palliative Care in Nepal – Bilhana’s story

Palliative Care in Nepal changes lives

Bilhana is 70 years old and came to Green Pastures last year. She had suffered from cancer on her gallbladder for the last seven years, but had no idea what was wrong with her. Her husband had been told what was wrong with Bilhana but didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth.

Eventually, staff at Green Pastures explained to Bilhana that she was terminally ill. Purna, a specially trained palliative care nurse, started visiting Bilhana at home.

Finding out about her diagnosis, and being unable to sleep for very long due to the pain, made Bilhana hopeless and she started praying for an early death. Proper counselling meant that Bilhana learned to cope with her feelings.

The team referred her to a specialist to treat her pain and sleeplessness. Gradually, Bilhana started to show positive signs, like going on short walks outside her house on her own. She told Purna, ‘I know my life is short but I trust the hospital. I thank Green Pastures for curing my pain. I can sleep now, which makes me feel comfortable’.


You could help more people like Bilhana find peace during their final days by supporting our Hospice at Home appeal.