Nanda Devi Karki

New community group leaders in Budhinanda

INF’s work in Bajura is branching out to Budhinanda


The majority of Bajura’s Self Help Groups are now running independently, or are in the process of forming co-operatives which will take over the responsibilities for the SHGs after their work with INF finishes. At the end of 2018, INF started to branch out into new areas – Budhinanda is one of them.

Maheswori (20), and Nanda (33) are Group Facilitators of newly established women’s groups in Budhinanda. The groups comprise 20 women each. It is Maheswori’s and Nanda’s role to help members to identify the causes of their problems and to develop action plans with them. People have seen the difference Self Help Groups have made in neighbouring districts and are hopeful to soon see similar changes in their communities.


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