Medical Charity Fund helps Shasha

Shasha, aged 3 from Gorkha district, cut her legs while playing. Her parents tried to help heal her wounds with local herbs but she then developed blisters all over her body.

Initially seeking treatment at two other hospitals, Shasha’s family even faced discrimination from people assuming she had a contagious disease. They spent all their money without seeing an improvement in Shasha’s condition.

At INF Nepal’s Green Pastures Hospital, Shasha received a swift diagnosis and effective treatment – and thanks to the Medical Charity Fund all without her family worrying about how to pay. She was diagnosed with a rare skin condition which had left several clusters of blisters all over her face and body, caused by a reaction to her body’s immune system response.

The drugs for treating the disease were readily available in the hospital as they are also used in treating leprosy. The hospital’s consultants are hopeful that her skin condition will now clear up over the next couple of years.

During her 10-day stay at Green Pastures, Shasha charmed the staff and other patients with her beaming smile.

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