Mask bank improves Covid protection in Bajura

With the risk of Covid transmission still a concern in Nepal, our partners are coming up with new ways to help protect people.

In rural Nepal, many people are not wearing and disposing of masks properly, which makes them prone to infection.

Group of Helping Hands (SAHAS) Nepal used support from our Coronavirus Crisis Appeal to implement the new concept of a free mask bank in remote Bajura.

This mask bank makes facemasks accessible to everybody, including the most marginalised and vulnerable who could not afford them.

It also helps raise awareness of the importance of properly wearing and disposing of masks, helping protect communities from Covid.

Padam Baduwal, Chairperson of Badimalika Municipality said: “Mask bank is a very new concept which was introduced in Bajura district. The needy people who cannot afford the mask have benefitted from it. Badimalika Municipality will also help in its continuity.” Kanchi, a local resident, added: “I had used my old mask for few days, finally I am able to change it.”

On the mask bank’s first day, a total of 650 people benefitted.


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