Leprosy surgery helps Sabina

Sabina is aged 24 and lives in Bardiya district. Although she was receiving treatment for leprosy, her husband left her so she moved back to her parents’ house with her daughter. After three years of living with the condition she developed a clawed right hand, which is a fairly common issue caused by leprosy.

Sabina following surgery at Green Pastures

A medical camp in her home district led to a referral to INF Nepal’s Green Pastures Hospital (GPH), where she had reconstructive surgery in late 2021. Back at home, she has received on-going support from INF to manage the wound after surgery and can now do her household chores independently.

Compassionate care at Green Pastures

GPH’s leprosy programme continues to contribute to the goal of ‘zero transmission, zero discrimination, and zero disability’. It works towards this aim through early case detection, provision of inpatient services, healthcare education and self-care techniques, reconstructive surgeries, and provision of assistive devices.

To aim is to provide high quality leprosy services and reduce disabilities caused by leprosy in western Nepal. During 2021/22 this involved:

  • 1,804 people received outpatient services.
  • All of the 282 admitted inpatients were given self-care training.
  • 100% of leprosy patients were discharged with an improved health condition.


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