Leasehold farming boosts families in Siraha

Siraha district has many poverty-hit, lower-caste communities in the eastern part of the Terai plains near Nepal’s border with India.

A project delivered by Group of Helping Hands (SAHAS) Nepal is helping the families of 191 teenage girls to build more resilient livelihoods.

Many of these Dalit caste communities do not have any of their own land to grow food to eat and sell. This project is initiating a system of leasehold farming to generate much-needed income instead of people just earning very low wages by working on other people’s land.

Project Asha (which translates as ‘hope’) was one of the projects to feature in our Christmas 2023 fundraising appeal. The project is delivering change focused on women and girls, so the families of girls in SAMVAD (translated as ‘dialogue’) groups are also getting this agriculture support.

Gyanu, one of the mothers who is having the opportunity to start leasehold farming, said: “Before, we used to work in other people’s fields. Now it is much better and we are very happy to receive different opportunities related to agriculture. We receive seeds and other agricultural materials, also training and tools for agriculture and nursery management.”

Watch this video about leasehold farming in Siraha, including how a solar-powered water irrigation system makes an even bigger difference:

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