Kopila helps children learn during school closures

Kopila has been working as a tutor to help children continue their studies while schools have been closed, as part of the Covid response project organised by Group of Helping Hands (SAHAS) Nepal.

Kopila is working as a tutor in in Badimalika Municipality, Bajura, where a total of 18 students from grades 1 to 3 are studying. Community Managed Coaching Centres (CMCCs) were established by SAHAS Nepal, thanks to gifts to our Coronavirus Crisis Appeal.

Kopila said: “I am happy to see these children studying and I am honoured to be part of their activity. I help them by teaching Maths, English, and Nepali, which all of them enjoy studying.”

Kopila also teaches about the importance of hygiene and the six steps of handwashing to children.

Children spend about 2-3 hours at the CMCC on daily basis, to bridge the gap of school closures. With a lack of social interactions during lockdown, this also gives youngsters the chance to safely spend time together. SAHAS Nepal is also providing the students with materials that encourage them to continue learning at home.

Besides creating opportunities to educate children, CMCCs have also provided valuable employment opportunities for local tutors like Kopila during such difficult times.


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