Kopila grateful for leprosy support

Since opening last year, the new leprosy ward at Green Pastures Hospital has transformed the treatment and care of leprosy patients in western Nepal.

The Eileen and Betty Centre is a modern, spacious ward with treatment rooms. It shows patients that they are valued and deserve the best quality facilities, along with the compassionate care they receive from INF’s dedicated staff team.

Kopila, who was diagnosed with leprosy several years ago, is an inpatient at the Eileen and Betty Centre. She comes from Tanahun district, where she lives with her husband and three sons, as well as a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. In their poor rural village, the family relies solely on agriculture for their livelihood.

“Several years ago I had a problem with an ulcer on my foot and my village health post told me about Green Pastures. However, I initially went to another hospital for treatment but it was not getting any better. When I came to Green Pastures I was diagnosed with leprosy, so I was treated for my foot ulcer and was put on medication for two years.

“When I was diagnosed I was very sad and anxious about leprosy. I thought I hod to be isolated from my family, but it was not like that. The team at Green Pastures explained everything and helped me and my family understand about leprosy. My family were also tested for leprosy, and they were all clear.

“Later on I was having difficulties because my hand became deformed, but then I also had surgery here. Now I am able to grip and squeeze so my hand is able to function again.

“I am now free from leprosy and enjoying life with my family. I know that problems will happen again because when I work at home there is still a tendency to get ulcers. Whenever I have to come back to Green Pastures I am grateful that all of the treatment is free, and I am happy because everybody here cares for me and loves me.”


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