INF Nepal helps Kaushila and 140 families in Banke

As part of their response to the coronavirus crisis, INF Nepal has provided 140 food packages for people affected by Covid-19 at the request of two rural municipalities (RMs) in Banke, western Nepal.

Janaki RM is close to the city of Nepalgunj but people are socially and economically depressed. The main income source for people living in this area is working as daily labourers, for example in brick factories or distilleries. People in 40 households here received food packages from INF Nepal.

Raptisonary RM, to the east of Nepalgunj, is one of the most remote areas of Banke.

Kaushila (pictured, above) lives with four family members in the most remote ward of Raptisonary, where people are poor and vulnerable to disasters.

The family’s primary income source is from daily labour work. After the nationwide lockdown, that was cut off. Her family had very little savings which helped with food for only two weeks.

As lockdown kept on extending, she has found it difficult to feed her family. As there was no other hope for Kaushila went with her father to the local ward office for food support and they gave her some supplies for a week.

There were about 300 families in her locality who were struggling in a situation like this, so the Raptisonary RM office was also struggling to manage food supplies for the people in need. As a result, they coordinated with INF’s Banke office which provided food support for 100 families, helping people like Kaushila.

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