Hikmat’s journey back to mobility

Hikmat, aged 24, used to work as a minibus assistant in Surkhet. Last year he was in a minibus accident and both his legs were fractured. He was immediately taken to Karnali Provincial Hospital, and then to India, by the owner of the minibus.

Hikmat’s left leg was seriously damaged and had to be amputated below the knee. After that, he had great difficulties in moving around. The minibus owner then heard about INF’s support for people with disabilities. After enquiring about the support INF can offer, Hikmat requested help from the Medical Charity Fund for an artificial limb (prosthesis).

He underwent a socio-economic assessment, which revealed that Hikmat supports his blind father, who he lives with in a very small house with his wife and his brother. After the assessment, Hikmat was supported with costs of the prosthesis and travel to INF’s Green Pastures Hospital in Pokhara. Hikmat was fitted with a prothesis there, and he is now back at home in Surkhet. He is grateful to INF for the support and treatment he has received and is delighted that he can now get around easily.


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