Gynaecological Treatment Camps

Access to gynaecological treatment helps women regain their health and dignity

Last week (19 to 25 May), as part of a series of outreach camps for women with gynaecological problems, INF ran a seven-day camp for 256 women in the Karnali province.

Thousands of women in rural Nepal suffer from uterine prolapse, where the uterus descends towards or into the vagina. It can lead to incontinence, constipation and lower back pain. Pregnancy and childbirth are risk factors, and a lack of proper healthcare before, during and after delivery increases the risk.

Women excluded because of their symptoms

Women in the poorest, most remote parts of Nepal cannot easily access gynaecological treatment to rectify the problem either. Consultants tend not to practise at the district hospitals – and a referral to treatment centres in cities such as Kathmandu is not an affordable option. So thousands of women are forced to live in pain and isolation; often ostracised by their community because of their incontinence.

Camps give women access to expert Gynaecological care

INF’s gynaecological outreach camps aim to ensure these forgotten women can reclaim their health and their lives. This week-long camp, held in conjunction with Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS) Jumla at the Salyan District Hospital, put expert care within reach of hundreds of women.

Some had to walk for two days to get to the camp, but they were finally able to access the treatment they needed after many years of suffering in solitude. For some, this meant surgery, but the relatively simple operation has helped them regain their dignity and self-respect.

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