Greenhouse opens to enhance leprosy rehab

A new facility to support the rehabilitation of leprosy patients has opened at Green Pastures Hospital, thanks to the generosity of INF/UK supporters.

Adjoining the Eileen and Betty Centre, this outdoor area includes a wheelchair-friendly courtyard, a green house, and a safe farming field.

The greenhouse will be used to grow a range of vegetables, herbs and flowers, and includes a table for training patients about planting and growing. This not only supports their holistic rehabilitation but also gives them skills to sue when back at home.

The safe farming field will be of use to many patients from rural communities who rely on subsistence farming at home to feed their families. In this area they can develop their agricultural skills, including how to use adapted tools if they have issues with their limbs caused by complications from leprosy. This will help them avoid injury, which is an increased risk for people who have reduced sensation due to leprosy-related numbness.

Take a tour of the new facilities with Karuna Tamang Gurung, Nursing Superintendent at Green Pastures Hospital.

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