Green Pastures staff give Dipesh “support, care and encouragement”

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, INF Nepal has continued to provide access to healthcare for those who would otherwise be unable to afford essential treatment.

Dipesh benefitted from INF’s Medical Charity Fund with treatment at Green Pastures Hospital.

Aged just 14, Dipesh suffered a spinal cord injury when a lorry hit his bike while he was standing beside a road with his father in India. He was bedridden for 15 years at his home in Rupandehi, a terai district in the plains along Nepal’s southern border with India, and people in his community used to be fearful seeing his physical condition. As experienced by many in Nepal, living with a disability can quickly put you on the margins of society.

A committed Christian, Dipesh did not lose hope and he dreamed of being able to sit and share his faith with others.

“When I came to Green Pastures Hospital, my only expectation was to be able to sit again and share the gospel but I was unsure if my wish would ever be fulfilled. When I was admitted to Green Pastures I got all the support, love, care and encouragement from doctors, nurses and all the staff. I am thankful to the medical team of GPH who helped me with getting my wheelchair, providing my therapies, and doing surgeries to help my legs bend.

“I am happy and thankful to INF and all the staff for making a miracle in my life. I am very happy now that I am able to do all my chores and daily activities. With the help of my family members I am also able to sit in a wheelchair and go from one place to another to share the gospel.”


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