Platinum Challenge

As INF celebrates 70 years of serving the people of Nepal, we are calling for your support by taking part in a Platinum Challenge.

We hope that at least 70 people will join us by taking part in this fundraising challenge by the end of 2022. Please could you be one of them?

The good news is that – as Captain Sir Tom Moore showed us during the Covid lockdowns – it doesn’t have to be a super-human physical challenge like running a marathon or climbing a mountain.

Just try to make it something personal to you, and ask friends and family for sponsorship. Even if you can raise a few hundred pounds, all the sponsorship money will help free more Nepalis from poverty and suffering.

If you’re not able to take on a challenge yourself, why not ask a friend or family member who likes this type of thing to take on INF’s Platinum Challenge instead?

Below are a few ideas all linked to the number 70 (although other ideas are welcome too!) to spark some inspiration.

logo 70 years of service in Nepal


  • Complete 70 days of walking a short distance each day, just like Captain Sir Tom did in his garden.
  • Walk 70 miles over a period of time, perhaps using one of the UK’s amazing walking routes.
  • Train for a one-off physical challenge, which could be 70 minutes of cycling, jogging, or walking.


  • Create 70 items using skills such as art, photography, or sewing.
  • Spend 70 minutes each day doing an activity such as reading or knitting.
  • Read 70 books (perhaps including some short ones!) by the end of 2022.
Photo by Ellena McGuinness on Unsplash
Photo by Margarida Afonso on Unsplash

Get started!

Once you have decided on your fundraising activity, please register your Platinum Challenge using the form on this page.

We will then let you know how to set up an online giving page, or send you some paper sponsorship forms if you prefer. We will also provide some top tips for getting sponsored – maybe set a financial target, or the number of people you hope will support you.

Be encouraged that people are often more generous than we expect! Even those who would not normally consider donating to INF may be very keen to sponsor you to complete a Platinum Challenge.

Thank you!