Gas cylinder helps disabled parents in lockdown

Santa Bahadur and his wife are both visually impaired. Living in a rented house in Pokhara with their two children, life has become very difficult during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in Nepal.

Santa Bahadur usually earns money selling incense, herbal remedies, and stationery door-to-door.

However due to lockdown restrictions as Covid cases erupted across Nepal in spring 2021, the family has really started to struggle.

They have managed to keep getting enough food, but they soon ran out of gas to cook in their kitchen. They were given some firewood by neighbours but that only lasted a few days.

Asal Chhimekee Nepal (ACN) heard about his situation through a local radio station and managed to provide a filled cooking gas cylinder for them. Santa Bahadur said that the gas will be enough for three months, so it eases their burden of worry about how to cook food at home.

ACN’s support for people like Santa Bahadur is made possible thanks to donations to our Coronavirus Crisis Appeal.

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£22 could feed a vulnerable family for 2-3 weeks

A second wave of Covid-19 is causing widespread suffering across Nepal. Please give to help our partners support those in the greatest need.