Food relief helps families survive in pandemic

Arjun and his family were some of the 3,000 people living in Nawalparasi who received food packages from Asal Chhimikee Nepal (ACN) following the initial Covid-19 lockdown.

Arjun’s income as a daily wage labourer building houses came to a halt during lockdown as “most of the people like me in my community are badly affected as we are not able to earn for the family”.

He added: “We spent several days starving ourselves because we had no food left. When ACN provided us with the food package, we were able to survive for some days… which was indeed a great support for us at this time of difficulties. The quality of the relief package was very good but that was enough for only twelve days.

“We own no money to buy food, no land to grow vegetables and it is very hard for us to fulfil the family’s basic needs.”

Our partners continue to play a key role in supporting people like Arjun and his family who have been affected by the pandemic. You can also read a summary of the coronavirus response initiatives which have already helped 9,000 people in Nepal.


Support the poorest in Nepal through the coronavirus pandemic

Please continue to stand with the people of Nepal during the ever-growing crisis caused by Covid-19.