Durga finds support through telehealth call

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a call from the telehealth service run by Green Pastures Hospital to check up on former patients identified that Durga was suffering at home with a big pressure sore. She was also distressed following the suicide of her son in May 2020.

Durga has been wheelchair-bound since falling from a tree while collecting food for animals in 2002 which led to her legs being amputated below the hip at a Kathmandu hospital. Having initially been referred to INF for rehabilitation after surgery, she has often returned to Green Pastures for treatment of pressure sores.

Thanks to the Medical Charity Fund, Durga was brought to Green Pastures in INF’s ambulance for free treatment until her pressure sore had healed, while also receiving counselling to help her through such a difficult time of grief.

Patients who are unable to afford their care receive support from INF Nepal’s Medical Charity Fund. Each year we make a significant contribution to this fund thanks to gifts from UK supporters.


Please give to the Medical Charity Fund and help people like Durga

In the past year 309 patients has their treatment at Green Pastures Hospital paid for thanks to this fund, at an average cost of £31 each.