Dhani receives free wheelchair and rehab

INF/UK supporters donate about a third of the international support for patients who are unable to afford their treatment at Green Pastures Hospital (GPH).

This helps patients with disabilities, including spinal cord injury, stroke, amputations, cerebral palsy, club feet, and burn contractures. They received support for assistive devices, surgery, surgical implants, and rehabilitation in the hospital.

Dhani fell off the roof and injured his spinal cord while working on a construction site. He was taken to a private hospital, where he underwent surgery with financial support from his employer.

However, Dhani did not receive post-surgery physical rehabilitation, so his condition deteriorated.

He said, “It’s tough to accept that I can’t walk on my feet. I wish I could get as well as normal before the accident.”

After being referred to GPH, Dhani received physical rehabilitation and a wheelchair through GPH’s Medical Charity Fund. He has now been discharged from the hospital and is learning how to adapt to being in wheelchair.

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