Bauddha gets “love and care” at Green Pastures

Bauddha lives in the Morang district of eastern Nepal and was referred to INF Nepal’s Green Pastures Hospital in Pokhara after a fall which damaged his neck and spine.

Paralysed from the waist down, Bauddha was initially taken to two other hospitals for treatment. In total, he and his wife spent almost 400,000 NPR (about £2,600) in less than three months but there was still no sign of improvement. Instead, Bauddha’s condition deteriorated, and he developed a back infection.

Sarita, his wife, described the situation as hopeless for the couple and their son.

However, since arriving at Green Pastures he has been treated for his injuries and given rehabilitation exercises. His condition has begun to improve dramatically, and he is now able to use a wheelchair independently.

The coronavirus pandemic began unfolding just as Bauddha was in rehabilitation. The nationwide lockdown which began in March 2020 helped contain the spread of the virus, but also made it difficult for people like Bauddha who live off their wages week to week.

Bauddha not only received much-needed medical care at Green Pastures but also shelter and meals for his family. “We are incredibly thankful for INF’s love and care during this crisis,” said Sarita.


Bauddha also featured in a video created by INF Nepal in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO) to help launch a home-based rehabilitation initiative and help protect vulnerable people during the coronavirus pandemic:


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