Away in a stable

Away in a stable

Christmas appeal to help mothers and babies

We’ve launched our Christmas 2019 appeal to help mums-to-be and their babies in some of Nepal’s most underdeveloped communities.

Although Nepal as a whole has seen huge improvements in maternal health over the last 30 years, women in remote, rural communities – and especially members of the lowest castes – still suffer unnecessarily.

Working in remote communities

In Nepal, a woman dies from pregnancy-related causes every eight hours.

The sheer remoteness of some communities – several days’ hike over challenging terrain from the nearest medical facilities – conspires with a lifestyle that can jeopardise mother and baby’s health.

Despite working long days on the land during pregnancy and straight after giving birth, there is rarely enough food for women or their children to thrive. Access to healthcare or education is limited, trust in healthcare professionals is minimal and dangerous traditions persist.

Babies born to mums who have missed out on an education are more than twice as likely to die before they reach one month old.

In the remote, mountainous regions such as Bajura, communities still practise Chhaupadi. Women are banished to the cowshed during menstruation, childbirth and their postnatal period, putting them and their baby at risk.

Around 500 women living in Bajura are pregnant right now. One of the ways we aim to help them have healthy pregnancies, safe deliveries and thriving babies is through training more Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs).

£29 could provide up-to-date training for more FCHVs.

By funding training for more FCHVs, we can combat trust issues, overcome the challenges of remoteness and reduce the maternal mortality rate.

FCHVs can:

  • build a rapport with mums-to-be over multiple visits
  • explain the importance of antenatal and postnatal checks
  • refer to specialists if complications are suspected
  • encourage a more nutritious diet
  • provide iron tablets for pregnant women
  • accompany women during delivery at health centres
  • attend home births


Your gift today could save a life this Christmas.

Please give whatever you can afford to help vulnerable mothers and their unborn babies this Christmas.
Thank you.

Your Christmas Appeal gift could help in the following ways…

£29 could fund training for Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs)
FCHVs can visit remote communities offering advice, support and practical help for mums-to-be. £29 could cover the costs of food, accommodation, travel, trainers and training materials for a three-day course for one FCHV, along with crucial equipment such as a rechargeable torch.

£37 could pay for mother-and-baby health packs
This would cover the cost of nutritious food for two new mums, warm clothes for their newborn babies and training at Bajura’s self-help groups on safe delivery and how to prepare fortified flour to supplement milk.

£51 could help to fund an outreach clinic for mothers and their babies
Every month our partners run nine maternal and child health outreach clinics in Bajura alone. Mothers and children can have crucial health checks here, get advice and be referred to specialist healthcare services if needed..

These are examples of what your money could provide. In the unlikely event that we exceed the target for this appeal, your donation will help other families affected by similar issues.