Annual Report 2022/23: Chief Executive’s summary

Last year, in my Chief Executive’s summary I wrote:

“As Nepal rebuilds from the damage caused by the global pandemic, we look forward to playing our part in helping the country progress in many areas – especially healthcare, developing livelihoods in remote communities, adapting to climate change, improving education, and responding to natural disasters.”

As promised, we have played our part.

It’s a joy to be able to report to you a year of significant impact in the lives of almost 18,000 Nepalis, the majority of whom live on the margins of society or have lives blighted by poverty and discrimination.

Our work, and the work of our partners, is only possible because of the generosity of our amazing supporters – a collection of individuals, churches, trusts and foundations from across the UK and beyond, who share our passion to see more Nepalis break free from poverty and suffering

In this report you will read of lives impacted by work in the following thematic areas:

Healthcare: through strengthening & improving access to institutional and community-based healthcare services (includes overcoming social & economic barriers to improve health outcomes).

Disability: through prevention, treatment and rehabilitation (includes leprosy).

Remote communities: through increased resilience and by improving healthcare, social inclusion, and economic outcomes (this includes livelihoods, climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction).

Education: through developing more inclusive and better quality education for children in remote communities.

Emergency relief: by responding to natural disasters such as floods, landslides and earthquakes, especially when events like these affect people living in disadvantaged communities.

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Looking forward, I see a year of continued challenges to find funding for our partners’ amazing projects, but we continue to be ambitious for the sake of the people we serve and thank you for joining us on this journey.

Respectfully yours,

John Reynolds
Chief Executive Officer INF/UK

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