Acute trauma service launched to prevent disability

Green Pastures Hospital continues to develop its services for Nepali people. Last year an Acute Trauma Care service was created to prevent disabilities with swift and effective treatment for injuries.

Sushila, aged 63, was one of the first patients to benefit from this new service. She fell down the staircase at home, dislocating her right shoulder and injuring her face including her lower lip which left her unable to speak properly.

Sushila was brought to GPH the day after the accident. Due to the dislocation of her shoulder and considering her age, doctors recommended a special splint for three weeks. She was also given gradual rehabilitation therapies designed to restore range of motion, strength, and stability to the shoulder joint.

If Sushila had received treatment elsewhere, she could have undergone expensive and unnecessary surgery. Her family are happy for the treatment and care provided at GPH.

In the first three months after the acute trauma service launched in spring 2021, 164 people benefitted through nursing care, rehabilitation, and counselling. Out of these, 19 patients were immediate trauma victims.

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