Covid-19 in Nepal

Nepal is now experiencing a third wave of Covid cases.

Last year, a devastating second wave overwhelmed healthcare services around the country in April-May 2021. This was far more widespread and severe than the country saw during the first wave in 2020. People living in the poorest and most disadvantaged communities suffered most, with limited access to healthcare. Many who avoided the virus struggled to work during lockdown restrictions and were unable to provide for their families.

The Covid-19 pandemic has sadly deepened inequalities, so our partners will continue to support vulnerable people and communities in response to the immediate or long-term impacts on people’s lives and livelihoods.


Covid situation update (January 2022):

One of our partners told us (on 14th January): “The health centre supervisors say that the number of people infected with Covid is quite high at the community level, and health experts warn that there will be another devastating hike of the infection in the next 1 or 2 months and suggest getting prepared for it. However, the effect has mostly been not so severe for those who have been vaccinated.”

A week later (on 21st January), INF Nepal provided a thorough update on the Covid situation, as a third wave of cases begins to have an impact in Nepal. It also covered the ways in which INF/N has prepared for a third wave of cases, including at Green Pastures Hospital, and the role it can play. Click here to read the full update.


Looking for the latest data on Covid in Nepal? Click here for the WHO’s official statistics.

Thank you to those who have donated to our Coronavirus Appeal for Nepal, which has helped our partners respond to urgent and desperate needs.

This fund is also helping people and communities rebuild their lives from the various impacts of the pandemic.

Help Nepal through the Covid-19 pandemic

£22 could provide a food package to feed a household for 2-3 weeks.

£63 could help a Covid patient with the cost of hospital treatment.

£111 could supply vital medical equipment for a Covid isolation centre.

Please donate today and help people who need support through this crisis.

Praying for Nepal

There are various resources to help you pray for the people of Nepal through the coronavirus pandemic:

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Looking back at the first and second waves of Covid in Nepal

Thanks to the generosity of many supporters, our partners were able to respond to the most urgent needs during the first wave in 2020 – click here to read a summary of how they helped. INF Nepal reached many vulnerable patients who were unable to get to hospital through a telehealth service established with support from the World Health Organisation (WHO), helping people like Durga. Our partners also helped establish quarantine centres, and you can also read Brij Mohan’s experience of staying in one of these centres.

In 2021, the devastating second wave of Covid cases prompted more urgent action. Here is a summary of our partners’ response which included helping single mothers such as Bina, people with disabilities, and providing masks to reduce the risk of infection.