Shining Hospital Surkhet

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Nearly 5,000 outpatients visited Shining Hospital Surkhet last year. Its 25 beds were occupied by 162 leprosy patients and 38 people with a disability. Patients often stay one or two months, so the nurses get to know them very well.

Puran is the physiotherapist. His involvement is often an essential part of helping people to recover strength and mobility. Counsellors offer additional support to help patients deal with life-changing conditions.

Most patients respond well to the treatment at the Shining Hospital Surkhet. They return home with much improved mobility or health conditions. The nurses are particularly keen to learn new techniques and hope the future will bring sufficient funding to allow them to go on courses to refresh their skills.

How Shining Hospital Surkhet Helped Budhani

When Budhani, aged 75 (right), came to the Shining Hospital Surkhet, she was bedridden, medically unstable and unconscious. One side of her body was paralysed and she used to talk to herself, but couldn’t be understood by others. She stayed at the clinic for 45 days, receiving two sessions of physiotherapy every day, counselling, health education and a lot of moral support. After a month her condition started to improve, she could move her previously paralysed hand and was able to speak clearly.

When she left the clinic she was able to walk by herself and do simple household work. Her life has become normal again.

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