Green Pastures Hospital, Pokhara

Please help us rebuild more lives

The Shining Hospital Green Pastures is a place of healing and hope. It was begun as a leprosy hospital and continues to serve patients with leprosy. But its work has expanded to include the treatment of people with other disabilities, especially spinal cord injuries or cerebral palsy.

Since it opened its doors the hospital has provided treatment to thousands, earning a reputation for delivering quality care to the poorest and most marginalised people. Today, it is the biggest rehabilitation centre in western Nepal, serving around 20,000 patients each year.

People come to the Shining Hospital Green Pastures seeking help for leprosy, spinal cord injury, general disability, cerebral palsy, hearing loss and palliative care.

The 100-bed hospital is one of three leprosy referral hospitals in Nepal, the only spinal cord injury hospital outside the capital and the only referral centre in the western half of the country for prosthetic work.

Nepali and expatriate staff give the patients the medical care that they need. There is also a dedicated team of mentors and counsellors who help people come to terms with their situations.

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Your gift will help to fund the work at Green Pastures, ensuring that poor people can get the treatment and care they need. Should we exceed the funding target, your gifts will go to projects in Nepal where the need is greatest.

Please help us rebuild more lives


Could provide educational toys to help a disabled child flourish


Could provide counselling for a newly disabled patient


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Madhav’s story

Madhav spent two months at Green Pastures Hospital after a serious spinal cord injury left him unable to walk.

31-year-old Madhav had been working overseas to support his family. It was when he came home to spend some time with them that the accident happened.

Madhav was working on his family’s farm, ploughing the field, when an ox charged at him. He was left unconscious. Doctors discovered that he had a serious spinal cord injury as a result of the attack. Madhav needed surgery.

All Madhav's savings were used up paying hospital bills, but he still couldn't walk. He even found it difficult to sit or hold on to things with his hands.

Madhav was referred to Green Pastures for rehabilitation. INF staff worked tirelessly with him. Progress was slow, but they were committed to helping him return to his family.

Going Home

INF also helped Madhav’s family to prepare for him to return home. His wife is grateful to INF for all their support, especially in making it possible for her to look after her husband. Now she is looking to the future and hoping that Madhav will soon be able to use a wheelchair.


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The Shining Hospital Banke

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