Shining Hospital Banke

Please help us expand the work in Banke

Last year, nearly 10,000 outpatients came to the clinic and 158 patients stayed as inpatients. The clinic deals mainly with cases of leprosy or dermatological conditions. Leprosy has officially been declared eliminated in Nepal, but there are still hundreds of new cases detected every year.

The team from Shining Hospital Banke regularly visit rural communities to raise awareness about leprosy, run camps for skin conditions and to train health volunteers. These outreach visits play an important part in reducing the incidence of leprosy. If diagnosed at an early stage, patients have a very good chance to fully recover from the disease. There are now plans for an extension to the buildings in order to expand the leprosy clinic. The hope is to reach more patients from a larger area, including the Terai.

Staff at Shining Hospital Banke

Tulsi and Shanti, two sisters, share the nursing care between them. Together, they are looking after a ward with 25 beds. Due to the expansion of the work, three extra nurses will be needed. There will also need to be at least one doctor in the Outpatients Department, one physiotherapist for the rehabilitation work and a counsellor.

My Donation to the Shining Hospital Banke

Your gift will help to fund the work at Shining Hospital Banke, ensuring that poor people can get the treatment and care they need. Should we exceed the funding target, your gifts will go to projects in Nepal where the need is greatest.