Dr Dipak is Green Pastures Hospital's Director

A new vision for Green Pastures

The best holistic care for people with disabilities

Staff Profile of the Month – Dipak

Dr Dipak is Green Pastures Hospital’s Director and leading orthopaedic surgeon. Dipak joined Green Pastures in September 2015. He feels a strong calling to lead the medical work at Green Pastures into a new era. Dipak’s vision is to see the hospital become a centre of excellence in providing holistic care for people with disabilities.

Dipak is particularly inspired by seeing transformation in people who have been neglected and excluded because of their disability. They have their lives transformed at the hospital and return home from Green Pastures with new hope.

Part of Dipak’s vision is that young medical doctors, who work for Green Pastures for a few years, learn how to treat patients with respect and compassion. In his view, all patients deserve the best service, including clean wards and kindness from doctors and nurses.

The ambitious plans for the hospital require a substantial financial investment to attract and recruit medical specialists. This is needed so that the hospital is able to offer a comprehensive range of holistic health care services. The biggest challenge in 2019 will be finding new donors and sufficient funding to build up the services and strengthen the leadership team at the hospital.

Green Pastures Hospital (GPH) is the biggest rehabilitation hospital in Nepal’s western regions, serving around 50,000 patients each year. With a heritage in leprosy care, GPH is working towards a new vision to meet the needs of Nepali communities: to become a centre of excellence in providing holistic care, preventing disabilities and transforming lives.

With an ethos of high quality, holistic healthcare at is heart, GPH makes sure patients who can’t afford to pay for their treatment will always receive the care they need. It will be the first hospital in Nepal to offer specialist palliative care and dedicated diabetes clinics alongside its established services for spinal cord injury, hearing loss and cerebral palsy. Read more about Green Pastures Hospital.


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