A centre to “bind us in unity”

Siri Nepali is a leader of Sarankot Church, located in a hillside village around 4km outside Pokhara. The church was planted about 20 years ago by his father Pastor Dhanbir Nepali, an illiterate man with a heart for Jesus.

They located the church among the Dalit community where it was especially important for the church to offer hope. There are now 20 people regularly attending Saturday services but there are other areas to develop, including new young people who are enthusiastic to take leadership positions.

Siri is very excited about the idea of the new Community Service Centre in Pokhara. Leadership training will help the young people of his church to grow in their understanding of leadership and to help in the church.

He said: “The church is much needed in the area around our village, and this new centre will also teach us how to manage the challenges people face at family and individual levels, including support for their living.

“We have people abroad working in low-skilled jobs, like cleaning and construction. Their families are here, but with children and elderly relatives the amount they earn is not enough. If there is initiation from the centre to support such families, they would be at home.

“My dream is to see the church grow in numbers, leadership, and being light and salt in the community. Our association with PCC and ACN has been helping in this way.

“Building the mission centre is very much on our heart. We have contributed already to purchase land and are looking forward to developing the construction work and cannot wait for it.”

Siri had a difficult time during the Covid-19 pandemic, when he lost his father and mother. His family were also affected, but with the help of PCC and ACN it was possible to arrange their funerals and many attended the service.

“This centre will help bring all the churches together and bind us in unity,” he concluded.


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